Alex Urban

Chief Research Officer


After a successful start in finance through high-powered investing in equities, and futures and options trading, Alex hit his stride with FX. Having been an entrepreneur since his teens, his orientation to providing top-tier service also lead him to invest in real estate and property management. Cryptocurrencies caught his attention at a time when there were just a few available, and he set about learning from the best and growing with the sector. After observing the problems created by financiers who put profit ahead of ethics, Alex decided to join forces with Gordy Bal and Aaron Samsonoff to focus on conscious capitalism. Now, his commitment is to raise funds to raise consciousness of the need to resolve global challenges, and find solutions for worldwide poverty, climate change and hunger.

  • High-powered investment in equities
  • Futures and options trading
  • FX expert
  • Real estate and Property Management
  • Entrepreneurial success in service industries
  • Digital Marketing
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Conscious Capitalism
  • Impact Investing