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Where we came from, how it started, where we're going and what we're doing.

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Enacting the Vision of CTR

CTR is a highly-intentional, self-correcting, self-expanding, self-organizing, self-regulating technology platform that measures and expands global levels of human consciousness.

CTR Group of Companies have spent over a decade running HFT ads compiling rich data and actionable insights into consumption. We have shifted our focus from extracting value towards deeply understanding behaviour through our compiled BIG data and we are using that to empower and measure impact by taking advantage of AI and machine learning.

Following the launching of Conscious Thought Revolution, ongoing conversations shaped the concept of CTR and how best to leverage the network and desires of people to make impact in a positive way. The focus turned to some of the doors that had been opened. People wanted to use their money for good, and there really wasn’t a lot to pool and focus that capital into meaningful impact. Culminating by the partners starting a Venture Capital company.

The CTR Conscious Capital Fund (CCF)

It was decided to launch the Conscious Capital Fund under the CTR Capital umbrella in 2018.

CTR partners had been running a private fund of early stage disruptive investments over the previous five (5) years and there had been considerable demand to partake in these opportunities. The advantages of CCF are:

  • Before the fund was set up, the partners had the pleasure and opportunity of working with a number of founders, investors and companies.
  • Due to the partners’ strong network of connectors and influencers they have already been able to secure large allocations of capital for the fund.
  • The underlying investment strategy has become more refined, so there have been promising returns in the initial investments.
  • Rather than a sole focus on returns the partners also consider the impact of the investments and use the findings to provide insight into what the fund is capable of.

The CCF approach is modelled on some thought-provoking definitions and criteria that are emerging. For example, Peter Diamandis argues that a billionaire is no longer someone whose net worth has that dollar value. Instead, Diamandis claims that a new billionaire is someone who can affect a billion + lives. In light of this, there are a few approaches that the partners are committed to.

For example, the CCF focuses on innovative developments in the industries that have the potential to impact billion + people, or if the intention is to expand “consciousness” or improve individuals and their experience in this life as well the lives of others. And this has the potential for return. Where many previous Conscious VCs have failed is in placing too much focus on the impact and not a continued ability to focus on returns. With more and more B Corporations coming online, and many fundamental shifts in business, we believe the time is now for our type of investment

Looking Forward to a Conscious Capital Community

The parent company, CTR Capital, is planning to build a community that would include annual events, online sessions with guest speakers, forums and connections, an education platform, as well as myriad other things which supplement a community and allow it to flourish. It will support both sides: the limited partners investing or interested in investing, as well as the founders and companies we invest into.

The community will open the doors for investors to get access to a much larger network of individuals looking to impact the world. As well, it will provide the opportunity to pool capital together with other individuals looking to make impact in the world. A struggle for the generational wealth changing hands is that those investors want to make impact a focus without giving up yield, but there are few opportunities or mentors to direct it. There aren’t enough deals available out there, or the requirements to assess and curate is just not feasible unless it’s a full-time thing.

This opens the doors for CTR to exist as a pre-eminent authority in the Conscious Capital space, which would allow people seeking out the impact with their capital or skills to have a place to go where a lot of the troubles are handled and the framework is set. The goal is to foster a thriving community of companies and individuals who are looking to create the impact and live fulfilled, understanding that the problems we face today often need a new solution. The plan is to provide an opportunity for limited partners and companies to share super powers, whether it be capital or skill, with a larger community.