Gordy Bal

General Partner


Gordy is a child of the Internet. He was still in school when he started his first online businesses, and his entrepreneurial spirit was fuelled by his business studies at UBC. He earned a 4-year degree in three, and had the drive to earn top grades. He launched several more online businesses and was well on the way to reaching his childhood goal of being rich, when something stopped him in his tracks. September 11, 2001, was a turning point for Gordy, as for many others. It made him rethink the world’s problems and how he might help to find solutions. He teamed up with Aaron Samsonoff and they both began to explore the world of Conscious Capitalism. Conscious Thought Revolution (CTR) was launched in 2015. The Conscious Capital Fund came to life in 2018. There’s much more to come.

  • UBC
  • Over 10 years building successful digital marketing companies
  • A self-described visionary, alchemist and philanthropreneur.
  • Co-founder of Conscious Thought Revolution (CTR)
  • Founding partner in Conscious Capital Fund (CCF)