Aaron Samsonoff

General Partner


Aaron didn’t have a paper route when he was a boy. He had several. Earning $2,000 a month while still in school, and thinking about Big Hairy Audacious Goals led him to take post-secondary courses in computer science and business. In 2004, he launched his first successful digital marketing company, Samsonoff Media, which morphed into Qool Media. By 2011/12, Aaron had proved he could build businesses, but wanted to invest in value-driven companies that were committed to resolving issues such as environmental change, world poverty and hunger. He teamed up with Gordy Bal to explore Conscious Capitalism and together they launched Conscious Thought Revolution (CTR). From that has emerged the Conscious Capital Fund (CCF) to invest in achieving more of those Big Hairy Audacious Goals to help people and the planet, while earning profit.

  • Early efforts as an entrepreneur
  • Founder of Samsonoff Media in 2004
  • Expert in digital marketing
  • Co-founder of Conscious Thought Revolution (CTR)
  • Founding partner in Conscious Capital Fund (CCF)