Kollan House



Kollan’s fascination with the operational side of business stems from his childhood, when he spent many hours figuring out how to build and launch a spaceship. His love of science and of running projects comes from those early days too. As a young engineering student, he paid for his tuition by working part-time for UPS, and was supervising a team of 40 people before he left. That management experience paid off when Kollan turned his attention to building online businesses and successful ventures in the world of cryptocurrencies. Looking for more meaning in his work, Kollan teamed up with Gordy and Aaron and is now committed to the values of conscious capitalism. The spaceship will still have to wait while he launches new initiatives to address the challenges right here on earth.

  • Raised and educated in Kentucky.
  • Early commitment to the environment and scientific solutions.
  • Ran a home from a young age to help his single mother and younger siblings.
  • Excelled at managing UPS teams, focussing on logistics.
  • Studied engineering at university.
  • Lead a number of successful startups.
  • Built online businesses assisting others to benefit from web traffic.
  • Used his entrepreneurial talents to thrive in the world of cryptocurrencies.
  • Moved to BC to join Gordy and Aaron in their commitment to conscious capitalism.
  • Now focussing on operationalizing the Conscious Capital Fund.